Design and Supervision Consultancy of KSUDP for Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode Corporations

Funding Agency
Asian Development Bank

Project Cost
The total cost of the project is 1423 Crores*

Project Location
Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode Corporations

Date Of Start

Date Of Completion

Topographical Survey, Socio-economic survey, slum survey, DPR preparation, execution supervision of Road and Transportation, Community Infrastructure Development, Solid Waste Management, Water Supply, Sewarage and Drainage in the three Corporations of Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode

Target Group
Local Self Govt. Department, Government of Kerala

Nature Of Work
Survey, Planning, Design, DPR preparation, Evaluation of bids, Execution supervision of works, Preparation of bills, as-built drawings and Final Report

Associating Agencies
WAPCOS, New Delhi

Physical Achivement
Construction of Arayidathu Fly Over, Improvement of Mini By-pass, improvement of 13 junctions, road safety works of roads including railway station link road, Pavamony road, Ram Mohan road, construction of street parking facility near Palayam bus stand, providing street lighting facilities along the fly over and other roads etc are the major works undertaken in Kozhikode Corporation. Improvement of 8 roads including Swaraj Round and Construction of Sub-way in Swaraj Round are the major road works in Thrissur Corporation. Improvement of Edappally-High Court Road, Improvement of S.A. Road and construction of new bridge on S.A. Road are the major works undertaken in Kochi Corporation.

Financial Achivement
Rs.7.66 crores**

* The Project cost is for all the components of KSUDP Project ** Financial achievement for all the components of KSUDP Project

Executed By

Dr.T.V. Jacob

Deputy Team Leader