Project on Waste Land Development with Sustainable Livelihood

Funding Agency
by National Wasteland Development Board of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

Project Cost
Rs. 89.03 lakhs

Project Location
Vattulakky, Attappady, Palakkad,Kerala

Date Of Start

Date Of Completion

To establish Bamboo plantation in 60 ha. of waste land. To standardize technology for bamboo based building construction. To train tribal youths to manufacture Bamboo Furniture, Bamboo handicrafts, Bamboo blind etc. for their livelihood.

Target Group
Development of tribal land

Nature Of Work
bamboo plantation and value added products for housing, food, fodder and bio-fuel in the Tribal areas in Palakkad (Attappady)

Associating Agencies
I.I.T. New Delhi.

Physical Achivement
Bamboo plantation in 60 ha. of waste land, well equipped workshop and training center, constructed Bamboo house at Vattulakky and bamboo houses at Palakkad.

Financial Achivement
72.98 lakhs

Livelihood provided to the tribes of Attappady.

Executed By

V. Ganesan

Agricultural Engineer