Study Support Centers

Funding Agency
Institute for Societal Advancement

Project Cost
Rs.5.0 lakhs per year

Project Location
Tribal Settlements of Attappady

Date Of Start

Date Of Completion

The tribal communities are not getting opportunities and facilities to reach academic excellence comparable to the other of students in the main stream communities. This results in large scale failures of the triabal students and unemployment even of the educated. The reason is that most of them are born to illiterate parents and the children do not get the right orientation for studies at home. In order to give a helping hand to the school going students after school hours ISA organized Study Support Centres on an experimental basis in 4 tribal settlements. 25 to 40 students from first standard to 10th standard attend the Centres. The classes are organized in the Community Centres in the respective Hamlets.

Target Group
Tribal School Children of Attappady area

Nature Of Work
Giving private tuition to school going 1st Standard to 10th Standard tribal children.

Associating Agencies

Physical Achivement
Study Support centers in Kulikoor, Vattulkky, Kallakkara and Nakkupathy tribal hamlets of Attappdy.

Financial Achivement

Study Support Centers running in Kulukkoor, Vattulukky, Nakkupathy and Kallakkara for improving the level of the poor tribal children are functioning well. 13 students who were attending the Study Support Centers – 9 students from Kulukkoor and 4 students from Vattulukky passed the SSLC examination with grades in the range of A to B.

Executed By

P. Jayaprakash

Project Assistant

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