KSUDP - DPR & Construction Supervision of Sewerage & Water supply of 3 corporations

Funding Agency
Asian Development Bank

Project Cost
Total cost of the project is 1423 Crores*

Project Location
Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode Corporations

Date Of Start

Date Of Completion

Development of sewerage and water supply of Corporations of Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode.

Target Group
Kochi, Thrissur and Kozhikode corporations

Nature Of Work
Design, DPR Preparation and Supervision for Sewerage and Water Supply of three corporations.

Associating Agencies
Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project.

Physical Achivement
Improvements to Intake, WTP, Transmission mains, Kochi Instrumentation of WTP Alwaye, Rehabilitation and augmentation of distribution networks and service connections, Water Supply improvements to Vennala and Elamakkara, Replacement of Old Damaged 700 mm Premo Pipe from Bristow Road to East End of Mattanchery Bridge Using 700 mm DI Pipe, Providing rider service lines along SA Road, Rehabilitation / Extension sewerage system in South Ernakulam, Extension of sewerage system in South Ernakulam and West Kochi -Part 1 & Part2, Sewage Treatment Plant, Mundenveli, Urban Drainage Improvement for Kochi, Rehabilitation of intake, WTP, Storage reservoirs and repair/replacement of transmission mains, Thrissur, Rehabilitation of Water Distribution net works at Thrissur Corporation, Urban Drainage Improvement, Thrissur, Rehabilitation of existing sewerage system and extension of sewerage system to Zone A, Extension of sewerage system - Zone B, Approach road and Land Development for Sewage Treatment Plant site Sewage Treatment Plant, Urban Drainage Improvement Kozhikode, SWM – LEACHATE TREATMENT PLANT,Kozhikode

Financial Achivement
Rs.7.66 crores**

* The Project cost is for all the components of KSUDP Project ** Financial achievement for all the components of KSUDP Project

Executed By

Dr.T.V. Jacob

Deputy Team Leader

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