Field study and report on Atrocities on Dalit Colonies in Dharmapuri dist. Tamil Nadu

Funding Agency
Institute for Societal Advancement

Project Location
Adi Dravida colonies of Natham, Anna Nagar and Kondampatti in Dharmapuri district

Date Of Start

Date Of Submission

Date Of Agreement

Date Of Completion

Board Study
Atrocities on Dalit communities of Tamil Nadu

Target Group
Adi Dravida colonies of Natham, Anna Nagar and Kondampatti in Dharmapuri district

Nature Of Study
Field Study and report to Government of India and Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Associating Agencies

This study is an attempt to bring out the causes and forces that led to the communal violence and destructions on 07.11.2012 in the three Adi Dravida colonies of Natham, Anna Nagar and Kondampatti in Dharmapuri district. The study also attempts to suggest actions to be speeded up by the government of Tamil Nadu.

The provocation was reported to be the love affair between an Adi Dravida youth (23) and a Vanniyar girl (19), their elopement and marriage. This resulted in a series of events leading to the death of the father of the girl, suspected to be by poisoning, on 07.11.2012. On the same day, a furious mob about 2000 in numbers from Vanniyar community armed with petrol bombs, iron rods etc. attacked, looted and destroyed the colonies. On 08.11.2012 Hon. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu expressed her anguish over the incidents and warned stringent action against those responsible. The Chairman and members of National Commission for Scheduled Castes visited the place of tragedy on 11.11.2012. The High Court of Tamil Nadu in its order dated 9th November 2012 on the writ petition No: 30531 observed that the matter was serious in nature and directed the State Government to make appropriate arrangement for the proper state of the victims and their children and that such arrangements should be made as provided under the relevant act and the rules. However, report from other sources especially from some of the Adi Dravida leaders and sympathizers who visited the area after the incidents gave a very pathetic account of the situation in these colonies. These prompted ISA to send a team to make an on the spot study of the incident and subsequent developments. ISA conducted the field study from 27.11.2012 to 01.12.2012 in the above colonies.

Study Report
The study included field visit, household survey, documentation of damages in-depth discussion, processing of data etc. the Adviser and team leader of the study submitted a copy of the report to Thirumati Jayalalithaa, the Chief Minister through a D.O. Letter. Copies were sent to the Chairman and members of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, New Delhi. Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu, DGP, Tamil Nadu, Minister for Adidravida welfare, District Collector and District Superintendent of Police.