The Institute for Societal Advancement , Thiruvananthapuram has a very good team of well-qualified and highly experienced experts in the fields of

  • Planning and execution of infrastructural development projects
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation and Flood Management
  • Development of Canal Systems
  • Desilting Works
  • Preparation of City Development Plans
  • Social Planning
  • Drinking Water and Sanitation Planning
  • Preparation of Evaluation Report of the Waste Land Development

  • The members of ISA have unique experience in planning, implementing and managing programmes under Agriculture, Irrigation, Flood Control, Institutional Development, Urban Planning, Drinking Water, Sanitation, Urban Infrastructure, Social Planning and Environmental Up gradation.

    Educational support to socially and economically backward and poor children especially from SC/ST communities.

    Skill development by giving training in making handicraft items, blinds, furniture etc. from Bamboo.

    Consultancy and construction of low cost houses and cottages using Bamboo.

    Consultancy services for infrastructure development like water supply, sewerage system, surface drainage, construction of roads and bridges and infrastructure development for the slum dwellers to improve their living condition by providing better sanitation and drainage facilities, construction of low cost houses etc. Waste land development by planting bamboo in identified areas.